Reviews from Three Li’l Birds- An Introduction

Sayin’, (“This is my message to you-ou-ou:”)

Three Li'l Birds reviews (Cyan Bird)
Three Li'l Birds reviews (Blue Bird)
Three Li'l Birds reviews (Purple Bird)

Welcome to Three Li’l Birds reviews.

We intend to achieve some honest reviews of products by means of ‘blogging and vlogging’. We’re going to do this by using the products ourselves and, as a result, review from experience.

For the most part it’s a fun little exercise during lockdown for us and, in addition, a resource for you to benefit from our experiences (hopefully). If things work out well after that we can carry on reviewing beyond lockdown.

Our reviews are of products we have either purchased or family & friends have gifted to us. We make no financial gain from them, just the fun of creating them.

There are no specific products in mind, we’re simply going to review anything, and everything, we feel is worth reviewing, be that hair care products, baby toys, or even household products.

We’re using a rating system consisting of… wait for it… three li’l birds…

2.5 out of 3 stars (2.5 / 3)

…therefore scoring products out of a potential 3 marks.

We will also, where applicable, be using a Like/Dislike chart such as the one below, to list the things we like, and the things we don’t.

  • Things we really like will be listed here.
  • Things that we specifically dislike will be listed here.

This is our first time operating a website/blogging/vlogging so we’ve enlisted some help from Munky over at Hey Munky! to set things up; but from this point forward it’ll be all us… well, we’ll probably call on him from time to time for support.

We hope you will find our reviews informative and enjoy them as much as we hope we’re going to in writing them. We’re going to try and have fun and keep things light-hearted as much as possible.

Now we’ve made our introductions we need to go off and create some content. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure. Until then, take care.

Three Li’l Birds