Ramindong Hair Curler RD-060 review

Our review of the Ramindong Hair Curler RD-060

The ‘Ramindong Hair Curler RD-060’ is today’s product review. A purchase from Wowcher for £24.99. We chose the colour Rose Gold .

2.5 out of 3 stars (2.5 / 3)

Ramindong Hair Curler RD-060
Ramindong Hair Curler RD-060 package contents
Key Features
  • 1 hour work time at 200°C according to the product information.

We found we didn’t get a full hours use at 200°C after using the product. Therefore we only managed two heads worth of hair equating to approximately 40 minutes use.

This wasn’t entirely disappointing as the end results were amazing in our opinion. The curl lasted overnight without using any products. We did use small amounts of hair to get a tighter curl and a larger amount of hair for a wavy curl.

  • LCD display on the front of the curler which displays the temperature you are using, the length of time on the hair and battery life.

We found the LCD display features useful for informing us how long the hair had been in the curler and it has a very handy countdown beep to signal the hair is ready to be released, so no more burnt hair!!!!

  • The curler has a built in power bank.

Unaware the curler had a built-in powerbank when we made our purchase, this came as a pleasant surprise. For instance, you’re in the office, there’s a power failure, phone’s dead, imagine, you can whip out your Ramindong and slap your phone into it.

  • When the battery is low it no longer warms up to the required temperature to curl hair but, however, it does still function as a powerbank.
  • Placing too much hair in the curler will, consequently, cause it to pull at the root.
  • The curler pulls excess hair when not placed into the curler correctly. This leads to a painful release.

We found the best features for this curler was ease of use, great time saving and an amazing back up power bank for when you need that li’l bit of power.

  • LCD Display
  • Built-in Power Bank
  • Power Bank works even with low battery
  • Portability
  • Battery only lasted 40 minutes on a full charge
  • Curler doesn’t warm enough to curl when battery gets low
  • Too much hair in the curler causes it to pull at roots
  • Excess hair pulled if not placed in the curler correctly.

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